What is RMI’s experience within the healthcare industry?

Since 1988, RMI’s focus has been on supporting healthcare business growth through consultation, training and development in selling skills, marketing skills, and sales management skills.  Our business has grown every year since our inception, so that today, RMI is a recognized global leader in providing customized training and development programs for healthcare sales and marketing professionals.  We currently serve over 180 clients ranging in size from ten million to in excess of a billion dollars in sales.  We actively consult and train on every continent around the world.

Our team of experienced professionals work closely with our clients to design and implement tailored training solutions that focus on achieving their objectives.  We are best known for the realism of our training and the ease with which the skills we teach find application in the “real world”.  In all cases, our goal is to provide skill training that is immediately applicable to the job and, in turn, rapidly demonstrate an increase in productivity and profitability.