What does RMI offer clients?

A systematic approach to improving productivity
We have found that when communication skills are taught consistently to all levels of the organization, productivity is impacted dramatically.

Customized training and coaching programs to help solve communication, motivation and management problems
Skillful communication is key to motivation. We have provided significant impact in this area with our clients.

Assistance in defining job descriptions which provide consistent and clear expectations
In many organizations, we have found that the most pervasive growth-limiting factor is misunderstood Job Expectations.

Modalities to teach real world skills, allowing managers and their associates to increase their effectiveness in their jobs
RMI has implemented our proven skill development approaches with managers in numerous companies.  As a result, we have been able to enhance motivation, build teamwork, synchronize direction, methods and measurements, as well as lay the groundwork for continuous improvement.

A systematic method of staff development and career opportunity planning
The key to accelerated performance is found in a company’s capability to hire and retain the most qualified people to achieve the client’s growth strategies.  We have designed and implemented proven models that may be followed to quickly achieve this goal.

Market and Sales Analysis, Organization Deployment Planning and Support with new business implementation plans
Again, our focus on the healthcare industry has allowed us to develop proven models for organization development that position our clients to achieve their long-term plans