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What is RMI’s expertise?
What is RMI’s experience within the healthcare industry?
How does RMI work with clients?
What does RMI offer clients?
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What services does RMI provide?
Who is Team RMI?
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What is RMI’s expertise?

RMI is a training and development corporation dedicated to maximizing the sales and marketing productivity of healthcare companies worldwide.

Since 1988, RMI has been creating custom training and development solutions for Sales, Marketing, Inside Sales and Customer Service.  RMI is best known for providing focused and relevant training that immediately transfers to on-the-job application.

What is RMI’s experience within the healthcare industry?

Since 1988, RMI’s focus has been on supporting healthcare business growth through consultation, training and development in selling skills, marketing skills, and sales management skills.  Our business has grown every year since our inception, so that today, RMI is a recognized global leader in providing customized training and development programs for healthcare sales and marketing professionals.  We currently serve over 180 clients ranging in size from ten million to in excess of a billion dollars in sales.  We actively consult and train on every continent around the world.

Our team of experienced professionals work closely with our clients to design and implement tailored training solutions that focus on achieving their objectives.  We are best known for the realism of our training and the ease with which the skills we teach find application in the “real world”.  In all cases, our goal is to provide skill training that is immediately applicable to the job and, in turn, rapidly demonstrate an increase in productivity and profitability.

How does RMI work with clients?

Our experience has led us to the belief that we can be of most service to our clients when we have worked together to develop a clear understanding of the business results they wish to achieve as a result of those support activities we provide.  We then recommend specific skill-based objectives, methods and measurements that will drive the training activities and allow our clients to manage the implementation of the concepts discussed.

What does RMI offer clients?

A systematic approach to improving productivity
We have found that when communication skills are taught consistently to all levels of the organization, productivity is impacted dramatically.

Customized training and coaching programs to help solve communication, motivation and management problems
Skillful communication is key to motivation. We have provided significant impact in this area with our clients.

Assistance in defining job descriptions which provide consistent and clear expectations
In many organizations, we have found that the most pervasive growth-limiting factor is misunderstood Job Expectations.

Modalities to teach real world skills, allowing managers and their associates to increase their effectiveness in their jobs
RMI has implemented our proven skill development approaches with managers in numerous companies.  As a result, we have been able to enhance motivation, build teamwork, synchronize direction, methods and measurements, as well as lay the groundwork for continuous improvement.

A systematic method of staff development and career opportunity planning
The key to accelerated performance is found in a company’s capability to hire and retain the most qualified people to achieve the client’s growth strategies.  We have designed and implemented proven models that may be followed to quickly achieve this goal.

Market and Sales Analysis, Organization Deployment Planning and Support with new business implementation plans
Again, our focus on the healthcare industry has allowed us to develop proven models for organization development that position our clients to achieve their long-term plans.

What are some examples of RMI projects?

Recent projects in support of strategic initiatives that we have designed and implemented include:

  • The creation of surgeon training materials to support a world-leading orthopedic company’s entry into the minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty market.
  • Creation and implementation of a modular training design which empowered a medical device division of a major pharmaceutical company to successfully enter the dramatically different selling environment of the operating theatre, and enabled them to sell effectively to surgeons.
  • Supporting the rapid growth of a neurosurgical device company by providing sales management, sales, and product manager training, as well as developing practical job descriptions supportive of the client’s commercial objectives.

What services does RMI provide?

  • Sales Management Training & Development
  • Marketing Management Training & Development
  • Field and In-House Trainer Training & Development
  • Sales Representative Training & Development
  • Inside Sales Management & Representative Training & Development
  • Consultation

Who is Team RMI?

Chris Kennedy, President

Chris founded RMI with the goal of providing customized training to sales and marketing professionals within the healthcare industry. Chris and the RMI Team are dedicated to helping companies reach their next level of productivity and profitability.

Jim McLean, Consultant

Jim supports RMI's clients with practical experience gained in sales, marketing, and training positions within the healthcare industry. He also brings a unique cross-industry background in supporting clients in industries such as group health insurance, healthcare information systems, analytical instrumentation, manufacturing capital equipment and technology.

Carl Fricke III, Consultant

Carl brings to the RMI Team extensive Sales and Marketing Organization Development experience. Carl’s fluency in Spanish as well as International Marketing and Sales Management positions within the medical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors uniquely qualify him to transfer skill development concepts.

Nedo Besirevic, CEO & Managing Director, MediLead d.o.o.

Nedo and his team at MediLead d.o.o. support RMI's clients through their delivery of our customized training and development solutions designed to increase the productivity of sales, marketing and management teams in healthcare companies and healthcare providing institutions in the Central and Eastern European region.

Ivica Arbulic, CEO & Managing Director, ValMed d.o.o.

Ivica is a key member of RMI's team and specializes in the preparation and execution of customized training and development solutions designed to increase the productivity of sales and management teams in Europe

Kenmichi Takahashi, Managing Director, RMI Corporation

Ken's extensive experience in sales leadership and training in the Japanese healthcare market uniquely qualifies him to support RMI's Japan-based clients in achieving their next level of productivity.

Where is RMI?

RMI is headquartered in Oldwick, New Jersey, and through its U.S. and international affiliates, supports its clients on a global basis.  Located in the U.S., Europe and Asia, RMI is capable of leveraging in-depth knowledge of local markets and native speaker abilities in all major European and Asian countries.

How do I contact RMI?

Resource Management International, Inc.
P.O. Box 400
50 Homestead Road
Oldwick, NJ  08858



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